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2023 Update

ok so, I've been rather slack in keeping this section of my site up to date. It's now November 2023 and I've noticed my last post was over a year ago.

So since then I had a wonderful time playing the Sydney season of

Cinderella by Rodgers and Hammerstein at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney from late 2022 into February 2023. An interesting show that was originally written as a TV special, and later adapted to the stage.

A trip to Spain and London followed by a lot of recording sessions for various TV shows and games at Trackdown studios.

Back in the theatre now filling in for a couple of colleagues playing Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Capitol Theatre, and Wicked at the Lyric.

A couple of Christmas concerts at the Opera House with Sydney Philharmonia, and then that's the year done!

Merry Christmas :)


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